Business Boot Camp Bloginar

Welcome to my blog about taking control of your business and your future. I am Beth Goldstein and I am passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs accelerate growth. As a small business trainer and founder of Marketing Edge Consulting Group, I work with business owners every day to help them navigate a path to success.

The Business Boot Camp Bloginar (think Blog + Seminar) is based on the lessons learned from my newest book, Lucky By Design. The goal of the program is to help you create a business roadmap that will accelerate growth. All you have to do is Subscribe to the blog and each week you’ll have access to new information to help you develop your lucky roadmap. There will be short assignments to guide your plan (we won’t call them homework since they’re all about YOUR company). BONUS MATERIAL: If you subscribe to my free monthly newsletter: Small Business Growth & Innovation Tips, you will receive additional bonus material and will be given a link to a PDF with ALL of the Weekly Lessons included in the bloginar. Click here to subscribe now. If you have any questions about this please send me an email:

Beth Goldstein


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