Boston University School of Management Review: New Book Shows Luck Isn’t Found, It’s Made.

Boston University School of Management alumna (MBA ’91) and lecturer Beth Goldstein has published a new book exploring the role of luck and beliefs about its importance among entrepreneurs: Lucky By Design.

Many people argue that success in an uncertain world is due in large part to luck: being in the right place at the right time. But Goldstein, herself an entrepreneur, small-business marketing consultant, and senior associate at Boston University’s Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship Commercialization, wanted to give students and clients a more strategic way to look at the notion of good fortune.

Drawing on her work with thousands of entrepreneurs over more than 25 years, Goldstein provides anecdotes and evidence showing that it’s not enough simply to work hard. You have to work smart, performing key growth activities such as market research and sales expansion.

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