Is there a magical formula that makes one business successful while another fails? There are many ingredients that go into a winning business including a great idea, a great team, perseverance, a unique value proposition, and great leadership. You’ve likely witnessed this in your own company. All of these elements are important, but the ultimate weapon that truly fuels success is the ability to leverage all of the key activities that you perform for your business, and you can only do this with the right attitude.

Perseverance, a great winning attitude and a true passion for your business’s value can spark other flames and become contagious, igniting the passion of investors, business partners, customers and employees. When this passion and energy are controlled, directed and focused, they can truly boost a business’s chance for success.

Combine these with performing the right business activities, as discussed in this Bloginar and in my book, Lucky By Design, and you’ll put yourself in a better position to control the destiny of your company.

Weekly Lesson Thirteen (Try this…)

Ready for more? You can get more in depth lessons in my book, Lucky By Design, along with the 5-hour webinar training program designed to truly improve your odds of success!

We hope that the 90-Day Bloginar Series has been a powerful tool for you to grow your business. In the fall, we will begin another series to help you create a Business Action Plan for 2013. In the interim, I will be offering a video series online where I answer your business questions. This series, entitled Biz-Edge, provides answers to your questions about business growth. Feel free to submit questions directly to me at

Have a Business Challenge or Question?
Visit the BizEdge site on my website and let us answer it for you!


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