Understand Your Employees’ Expectations to Be a Great Leader
Suzi Lemen, Dynamic Corporate Solutions

The Small Business World Summit begins in 4 days! Pre-register now and get the Small Business Growth Package worth $149 –  FREE!

The new worker has different expectations than employees in the past.  Understanding these expectations can make all the difference in leading successfully.  One of the expectations is that there will be opportunities for continuous learning.  Leaders need to develop formal and informal learning plans for their workforce.  Don’t find out when someone quits that they felt like there were no opportunities for growth.

The Summit gives you the answers you need to take your business to the next level – FAST! We answer your questions about marketing, sales, building online customer communities, cash flow, leadership, HR, and other challenges that you face every day.

Plus, it’s completely free to watch during Small Business Saturday Weekend (Nov 23 – 26).

Click here to learn more and to pre-register!. Plus, when you pre-register you will get a Small Business Growth Package worth $149 for FREE that includes:

  • Keeping Score Manual, Ribbon
  • Business Boot Camp Accelerator eBook: Setting the Stage for Growth, Marketing Edge
  • Building an Email List that Build Your business, Constant Contact 

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