I am thrilled to share my interview on creating your own lucky opportunities with JJ Ramberg of MSNBC’s Your Business! Please watch it then continue with the weekly bloginar lesson: Getting Out of Your Own Way!

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Are you frustrated with the rate of growth your firm is achieving or have you hit the kind of plateau that emerging firms often experience? Perhaps you’re struggling to enter new markets, drive more revenue or increase profits, yet you’re stuck. Well, that plateau is much more common than you might expect, and the reason for it is often the same.

The bootstrapping skills owners relied on to get to their current level of success are often not the skills that they need to move forward to the next level. Many new business owners find that in the early stages they need to control everything and make sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” crossed. However, by its very nature, growth into a different stage WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE, because it is different. This actually is a good thing – if you don’t get a few butterflies in your stomach, you’re probably not pushing hard enough. Yet, without systems in place and a willingness and confidence to delegate responsibilities in a different way, your business simply can’t achieve a solid, sustainable growth level.

If you choose to grow your organization, you are also committing to challenging yourself in a new way. It is the rare founder who can do this without feeling a serious degree of discomfort. But, you need to make the choice on whether you can and want to become the kind of leader your company needs you to be in order to successfully lead the organization, or confront your shortcomings and decide if it’s better for somebody else to carry the company forward.

Weekly Lesson Ten (Answer these questions…)

  • Are you ready to commit to growth or do you want to remain at your current stage?
    • If growth is a goal, what needs to change in your business?
  • How important is delegation of decision-making at your company?
  • If you need to control specific decisions, which ones are they and how will you include your team in the process so you don’t become an obstacle?

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