What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? A leader sets the tone and inspires as well as empowers his/her team to achieve the goal. A manager is often a key player in ensuring the plan is organized, coordinated and followed through and ideally shares the vision… but often doesn’t establish the vision for the rest of the team.

Which are you? Are you inspiring your team to carry through a vision that you hold? Are you motivating them to achieve greatness where 1 + 1 truly exceeds 2?

I’ve heard others say that a leader does the ‘right things’ while a manager ‘does things right.’ You need both of these roles in achieving greatness for an organization. Check your leadership skills below!

Weekly Lesson Eleven (Take this assessment …)

There are numerous ways to assess your leadership style. I found an interesting one online called the Leadership Legacy Assessment Test, written by Robert Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca. Check it out – it might give you some great insight into your leadership style. I’d love to hear your results!



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