Welcome to Biz-Edge where we answer YOUR business questions. In the second of the Summer 2012 Series, I address a question from a reader of my Small Business Growth & Innovation Newsletter about outgrowing your business model.

Have you adjusted your business activities to reflect the growth of your business? As our businesses grow, a common challenge  that many owners face is their inability to change their role in the business. If you’ve been wearing every hat to grow your business to its current stage and that’s not working for you any longer, watch this week’s video for some tips on how to make changes that will get you to the next level!

Have a question about business growth? Here’s your opportunity to ask questions about business challenges you face so you can gain an EDGE in business. Plus, hear advice that we’ve given other small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them make bold leaps forward. Complete the form at the Biz-Edge Website and I will try my best to answer it via video.


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