Welcome to Biz-Edge where we answer YOUR business questions. In the third of the Summer 2012 Series, I address a question from a reader of my Small Business Growth & Innovation Newsletter about perfecting your elevator pitch.

When was the last time you worked on perfecting your elevator pitch? At the heart of every business’ success story is their ability to convey their value proposition succinctly and clearly to key stakeholders. If you haven’t worked on perfecting your elevator pitch, now is the time to do so if you want to accelerate growth. Watch this week’s video to discover tips on perfecting your pitch and check out my Elevator Pitch Template at my website (m-edge.com) to start today!

Have a question about business growth? Here’s your opportunity to ask questions about business challenges you face so you can gain an EDGE in business. Plus, hear advice that we’ve given other small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them make bold leaps forward. Complete the form at the Biz-Edge Website and I will try my best to answer it via video.


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